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Highly qualified physicians... Accurate results.

Dr. Thomas Turek, board certified radiologist Muscle/Skeleton Specialist

Rest assured that your exact diagnosis are in good hands... our experience, combined with top notch technology and with accurate-prompt diagnosis puts us as your number one option in our community.


Our services include High Field MRI, Multi-Slice CT, Digital Mammography, Digital XRAY and Ultrasound diagnostic Imaging for your convenience, all under one roof.

Best Technology...

Fastest service to our patients and referrings.

Our equipment provides high quality image resolution to diagnose most parts of the body.

Women's care Digital Mammography


Is offered to our patients

Accessibility and Efficiency


Our referring physicians can access reports and images right from their office as soon as they become diagnosed by our Radiologist.

Customer Service

Always improving.

Bringing friendly and personalized service  to all of our patients, we strive to better customer satisfaction.

Our brand new facility

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