What our patients say?

I went in for an ultrasound. My tech made me feel very comfortable and welcomed. Ovarall i had a good experience and was able to get my results within 24 hours.
Shanale S.
attended me faster than the first time very quick and easy. nice doctor
Jose B.
X ray technician was very smart and understanding of his job. Great job.
Shahmeer D.
The wait times can be long but it's worth the money I save!
Sujin S.
This place is absolutely outstanding. I’ve been going here for a while now and I have honestly seen the improvement with the staff. Very welcoming and very professional. They try their best to resolve any issue that comes across. The owner was very helpful. Definitely would recommend this place to EVERYONE!!!!
Christa G.
I had a work injury and I was referred here to get an x-ray and MRI. the staff was very nice. what I loved the most was the AMAZING price for my exams due to not having insurance. I saved so much money while I was calling around different diagnostic center prices. MRI imaging Specialist is the place to go for both great prices and amazing imaging.
Gabriel L.
I love Mri Imaging Specialist this has been a great experience for me everyone is so nice and efficient they explained the procedure and kept me updated with my exam and appointment time. My report was sent to my doctor within a great time period! . this has been a wonderful experience with great staff! i will come back here to do all my mri"s if needed!
Alivia J.
Had my first MRI done at this office. I was very nervous, but the technician was very professionally mannered. He calmed me down and addressed the procedure through every process. The scheduling department greeted me with a warming welcome , and there is free coffee in the waiting room area. This facility is very friendly. I always recommend my friends and family to this office. This company deserves more than 5 stars!
Yanne L.
I had an mri done. The wait time is very very long. But for the price its worth it. Just come prepared with a book etc. During the procedure the staff was great, and made sure i was calm. I would come again
Jasmin O.
Staff was very friendly and courteous—both the staff behind the counter and the technicians.

Facilities we're clean and well-maintained.

Technicians took their time to make sure things were done correctly, so I didn't feel like I was being yanked in and thrown out haphazardly.
Ellie B.
I have used this office for mris in the past very professional office,they are very compassionate about injuries and try to make you comfortable. I called today to get information because I am self pay they are very forth coming and gave me prices for all possibilities and informed me to call after I see my dr to know what exactly will be ordered. I truly appreciate their professionalism and knowledge and I will always have my tests done here and it's a drive for me. Thank you so very much.
LoriandMike T.
I didn't occur any problems. I wasn't waiting any longer than I've waited at any other MRI place. Chose this place due to the fact that I could get my mri ultrasound and xray in one day at an affordable cost. Made sure to leave all my doctors information so that the office wouldn't have to look it up and I would get my results on time. Sometimes making someone's job easier makes for a better visit.
David T.
I have been here several times and I have never been disappointed with the service. The staff is very professional and friendly. They let you know in advance if they are running behind and show professional courtesy. The technicians tell me step by step of what I'm having performed and that makes me feel very comfortable. They also stick to their promise of a 24 hour turn around, my doctor called me the very next day to confirm my results. Overall, I will recommend this facility to all my friends and family and will continue to come here for all my exams in the future above all other diagnostic centers. 😉
Mayleen V.
I LOVE this place! I have had a few MRIs, and everything from walking in the door, to walking out with my CD has always been an outstanding experience! I would highly reccomend MRI Imaging Specialist to anyone! Great staff, great service, overall great everything!!!!!!!
Megan S.
This place is amazing!!! I went for two MRI's last week and I can trully say the experience was above and beyond my expectations. Everything from the welcoming staff to the hard to beat prices, and great management makes this the best imaging place around. I would definitely recommend MRI imaging specialist to anybody who is looking for an imaging place.
Emmy M.
The staff was kind and friendly. Had a good experience here. Thank you.
Adelso C.
My doctor made sure I was comfortable during my first MRI here (she even gave me a blanket because I was cold). I hope I don't have to come back (haha), but I definitely will recommend for anyone needed a reasonable priced MRI done!
Julia W.